Community-Based Palliative Care

A team approach to meeting individual goals for care

Our palliative program provides expert advice and supportive care to people with advanced chronic disease. A customized mix of curative and comfort care evolves to meet needs as illness advances.

  • Provide intermittent home or facility visits based on patient needs
  • Help the patient and their family understand their illness and care options
  • Collaborate with primary care doctors and other specialists to coordinate patient’s overall care needs
  • Manage symptoms related to serious disease or its treatment, in order to maximize comfort and quality of life
  • Plan for future care needs as disease progresses
  • Assist family with coordination of nursing, social work, and additional support
  • Help reduce frequency of ER visits and prevent unnecessary hospital stays

Who we are

Our team consists of palliative care nurse practitioners, dedicated registered nurse care coordinators, a social worker, and other services based on your needs.

How care begins

Care starts with a phone call from you, a family member, your physician or hospital staff. Once your doctor approves, services can be scheduled at your convenience. Frequency of nurse practitioner visits are based on your specific care needs and will be evaluated at time of admission and are adjusted as your needs change. 

Cost of service

Our community-based palliative support is typically covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurance. We will work with you and your insurance company to understand your palliative care benefit.

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