Cooking and grief – why does it matter what I eat?

By Debbie Wilson, LCSW, Grief Support Specialist with Kansas City Hospice & Palliative Care

Cooking and grief may not seem to go hand in hand. But, I hear from so many people “why does it matter what I eat?”

After the loss of someone you love and have cared for, it’s not uncommon to dismiss your own needs for sustenance. You have shown love and nurturing to your loved one by preparing their favorite foods or trying anything to get them to eat.

Now, as you adjust to life without them, it’s hard to have the energy or desire to eat, let alone plan on what to fix. Grocery shopping alone can bring with it a multitude of grief triggers. 

We designed Cooking for One as part of our Expressive Therapies Series to help. We’ve taught folks who have cooked for many and others who “can’t boil water.” 

It’s about recognizing things are different now. You do matter. Your health matters. Your loved one would want you to take care of yourself now. Come to the table and find camaraderie and a renewed sense of hope. 

Join us at Kansas City Hospice House for our two-night Cooking for One in the Autumn event on October 22 & 24.

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