Dustin Eskie’s Story

It all began when our 20 year-old son, Dustin, attended a retreat in the fall of 2012. The retreat staff notified us that Dustin was experiencing some unusual and severe headaches that needed attention. Upon further investigation, those headaches indicated a stage four pineal glioblastoma brain tumor, and Dustin’s condition was inoperable.

Suddenly, we were thrust into a new world of questions, and we did not want to hear the answers. How could this creative, humorous, intuitive and witty young man, who loved reading philosophy and playing guitar for his great-grandmother, become so ill so quickly? We were faced with limited options.

A Legacy of Compassion

I knew of Kansas City Hospice from my good friend, Vicki Westlake, who is a champion of this organization. And, a friend of mine had also recommended Kansas City Hospice after using their services for her father. As we studied our options more carefully, it became clear that this was the best place for Dustin to be.

Once we connected with Kansas City Hospice’s home care program, an army of people came to our rescue in so many ways. There was Crispian, the social worker, who was incredible with Dustin. She prepared us for everything that was about to happen, and assured us that Dustin would always be with us. The stellar team of physicians and nurses were so skilled and knowledgeable! This gave us permission to focus on Dustin and spending precious time with him.

When Dustin was moved to Kansas City Hospice House for his final days, we felt surrounded by peace. Even though friends, teachers and our minister visited often, the staff just worked around the revolving door of guests, continuing care so that our friends could support us. The volunteers and staff knew what we needed before we did. They were angels! Also, I appreciated being able to spend the night, and the freedom to share honestly about what I was feeling.

Lasting Memories

I’ll always remember Dustin’s smile, his marvelous intellect, and fun-loving, casual demeanor. And, I’ll also remember the peace of mind Kansas City Hospice provided both to Dustin and our family in our grief journey.  Kansas City Hospice transformed a time of great sadness into a time of great comfort. We knew Dustin was beautifully cared for and that his pain was managed the best it could possibly be.

I’m happy to tell our story to encourage people like you to support Kansas City Hospice & Palliative Care. Kansas City Hospice treats patients and families as a care unit, providing the highest level of care through an eclectic blend of services, so that families can be fully present with their loved ones. They never turn anyone away who cannot afford their services. Giving to Kansas City Hospice is a worthy use of resources, and I encourage you to give generously.

Living On

Even though our loved ones leave us, they live on in our hearts. Kansas City Hospice made our last memories of Dustin beautiful ones. Please consider helping others make lasting memories by making a donation today.

Debi Eskie, for the Eskie Family


  1. Crispian Paul on January 21, 2019 at 4:11 pm

    I really enjoyed Dustin and the time I was able to get to know him and you all. I often reminisce on him and you all fondly and with appreciation for having met Dustin. Thank you for the opportunity to have met your son, brother, uncle, friend…

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