Estate Planning: now is the right time

By:  Diane Richardson Spaite, KCH Associate Director of Planned Giving
Published:  October 17, 2023

Driving down I-80 in Illinois isn’t the most exciting experience for a 20-something year-old college student. In fact, it’s boring. Most fall days are gray and the drive is mundane. So, I had to spice it up. I popped in a white cassette tape, rolled back my sunroof and kept cruisin’ in my 1995 black sporty Saturn. The wind tousled my light brown hair and I was ready to soak in whatever this speaker had to say. 

“Take more risks, reflect more often, do more things that live on after you die,” the speaker said. 

I started to digest those words; they were powerful and meaningful. Somehow I started listening in the middle of the speech, so I backed it up and listened again. The speaker set up the words of wisdom a group of 70-year olds had to offer when asked what they would do differently, “…if they had to do it all over again.”

On this impactful fall day, I was reflecting on what my choices would be. I’d love to tell you each choice from this moment forward has reflected my values, but it has not. I’ve been derailed by health challenges and incurred significant costs. 

However, I’ve persisted, resisted and kept finding my way back home. 

I bet you have as well. Your story is full of triumph, struggle and it’s woven together like the afghan masterpieces my Grandma Scott used to make. My guess is you’ve become passionate about what matters most, too.

At Kansas City Hospice & Palliative Care, our team is very interested in your unique story and your passions. We believe Kansas City Hospice, “… is defined by its diversity. It binds us. It makes us great.” 

It’s an honor to connect with you. We know one of the best gifts we have as humans is when we can use the fruits of our struggle and triumph to connect with a need. We move from being survivors of life’s challenges to advocates for our passions, in our desire to care for others walking through difficult seasons.

One of the ways we can do this is through gift planning. 

October is National Estate Planning Awareness Month. Taking time to research, be specific and let the team of professionals who care for your financial health know your wishes for your estate is a worthwhile endeavor. Check out our resources, here! In addition, it’s especially important to make these decisions this year if your estate is taxable. According to and other well-informed sources, “As of January 1, 2026, the current estate and gift tax exemption of $12.92 million for 2023 will be cut in half, and adjusted for inflation.”

Now is the right time to reach out to your estate attorney or if you have a simple financial set-up, you can use Free Will to begin documenting your wishes. If you already have your estate in order, check out this site to write your Family Letter. Act today to ensure your lifetime values carry on both now, and forever. 

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