Hospital Palliative Care Consult Visits

Guidance and information at the right time

Kansas City Hospice is proud to be a unique provider of palliative care consult visits with families and physicians, when appropriate prior to a hospital discharge. Recognizing how critical it is to receive factual and timely information about options for care, we dedicate our own on-staff MDs and APRNs to this effort. Consults visits help inform patients and family about options for care that will ensure patient success following discharge and help prevent additional hospital readmissions. Your success and quality of life at home is our top priority.

Annually, KCH medical staff provide over 500 palliative care consults at area hospitals. In that work, we have conversations about patient and family goals of care, helping patients and families decide how to move forward with their medical care. We also provide family conversations about ongoing goals of care as patients encounter new health events.

Working with hospital employees, such as social work case managers, we help patients and families decide what level of care is best for them, whether at home, in assisted living or long-term care. Our RN liaisons provide education for patients and families about all their options for care as well as helping the patient and family decide whether hospice or palliative care services