Ten Years of Serving the Community

In May and June of this year, several events commemorated the 10th anniversary of Kansas City’s first hospice house. It was a long held dream that came true when it opened in April, 2006. Inspiration came from the Fran and Arnie Martinsen family, whose adult son Peter died in a British hospice.

Under the leadership of Elaine McIntosh, months of planning and fund raising ensued. Dr. Keith Ashcraft chaired the Capital Campaign Committee and half the funds were donated by Health Midwest. Part of the fund raising was the “Hospice Hop,” a major event powered by hundreds of hours of volunteer time. Those volunteers formed a group aptly named Angels of Kansas City Hospice, and their efforts continue to this day.

Dr. Ann Allegre led the development of medical care. Her contributions and teaching have been immeasurable to the hospice movement.

So many people helped this cause. They and the Boards of Directors (then and now) are responsible for the gift of The Kansas City Hospice House™ to our community. It has been a sanctuary for over 10,000 families whose loved ones have been in our care. “All who have had a hand in this should take pride in knowing that they have given their friends, neighbors and countless people they will never meet, a place where care is given with expertise and love, and life is lived until the last breath,” stated Elaine McIntosh.

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