Leadership Change at KCH&PC

Elaine and David

After twenty-four years of remarkable leadership at Kansas City Hospice & Palliative Care, Elaine McIntosh is retiring. David Wiley, Chief Operating Officer for the past two years, has been selected to fill the role of President and CEO.

During Elaine’s years, the depth and breadth of services provided to the community has expanded to embrace the needs of patients and families across a broad continuum. Elaine recognized that people need the same services hospice provides at many stages of serious illness and often long before it is clear that life is ending.

“Really good symptom management, education about what is happening and what may happen next, emotional and spiritual support,” states Elaine, “all of these may be needed from the moment a diagnosis is known throughout the course of illness.” This approach and understanding of human need has guided the development of hospice, community-based palliative care, the building of The Kansas City Hospice House™, pediatric services, specialized counseling programs and the range of programs now offered by KCH&PC and NorthCare Hospice.

David became involved with the organization when his family was served by KCH&PC during his mother’s final illness, during which he experienced first hand what happens when a family is encircled by our care. “We felt the deep compassion of every single member of the staff and were comforted by their professionalism and expertise,” remarked David, “We had no idea that we could feel so peaceful.”

Later, David joined the Board of Directors. In 2014 he was hired as the organization’s first Chief Operating Officer. Elaine notes about David, “This highly specialized area of health and social service is challenging and complex in many ways. David is very smart, very capable, extremely dedicated, and ready, willing and very able to carry us into the future.”
David emphasizes “KCH&PC has an amazing reputation for excellence. I am honored to lead an organization that has such a strong leadership team and board, a remarkable staff, dedicated volunteers and outstanding community partnerships.”

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