Patient, a surgeon’s journey

Patient, A Surgeon’s Journey, is a documentary about a Kansas City heart surgeon diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer and how he transformed his life.

In honor of National Healthcare Decisions Day (April 16) we share this video with you. Advance planning means making decisions about the future and putting in writing those wishes. We want you to be prepared in case something happens and you can’t speak for yourself.  Kansas City Hospice has many resources for helping you. READ MORE ABOUT ADVANCED PLANNING.

But, today we want to focus on an aspect of planning that may be much more difficult than writing a will or advanced directives. When you are faced with a terminal diagnosis, how do you want to live your life? What are the things that are important to you. How will you spend the time you have? All of these are at the heart of hospice care.

A local heart surgeon received devastating news when prostate cancer changed his life forever. But, he found that the news changed his perspective on life. He learned what was truly important to him, and he found joy in his new priorities for living.

By special arrangement, Kansas City Hospice is able to share this story with you.

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