Perinatal care during pregnancy to meet your family’s unique needs

Sonograms and prenatal tests are powerful medical tools to help expectant families plan for the future. Sometimes those tests reveal problems that may limit your baby’s life. Perinatal hospice is designed to help your family through a complicated pregnancy and for whatever time you will have together with your newborn.

For families facing this uncertainty, Carousel offers support, comfort and education. Our perinatal (before birth) program is designed to meet the unique needs of families whose babies will be born with limited life expectancies.

The program starts with a visit from our perinatal social worker to discuss your family’s wishes, needs and information about how to enroll in the program.

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Carousel perinatal services include:

  • Assistance creating a birthing plan to share with hospital staff
  • Your family’s decision on medical treatments for your baby
  • Rituals (such as baptism) you may want at the time of birth
  • List of people to be present at the birth
  • Description of what labor and delivery staff should do when the baby is born. For example, “We want our baby to be wrapped in a blanket and handed to us, and then we want time alone with our baby.”
  • Support, information, encouragement and help creating ways to celebrate the baby’s birth and life
  • Assistance planning final arrangements and celebrations of your child’s life
  • Grief support for parents, siblings, grandparents and others affected by the baby’s life and death


Babies who go home with their parents will continue to receive services through Carousel:

  • Regularly scheduled visits by our multidisciplinary team
  • Education on caring for babies at home
  • Emotional and spiritual support for the entire family
  • Respite care and support from trained volunteers
  • Assistance with community resources
  • Nurses on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer questions and make necessary home visits
  • Grief support for the entire family

"We ended up having just a few days with her, so we got to experience firsthand from the parents and family perspective just what wonderful care the team can provide."

Dr. John Stroh

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