Vincent A. Stonestreet Family Fund

A generous heart. A ready laugh.

Bringing joy to our community’s most fragile little ones

Kansas City Hospice’s pediatric hospice program, Carousel Pediatric Care, offers a dedicated team of specialists focused on the unique needs of children with serious illnesses, and their families. No one likes to think of children facing incurable illnesses but when families in Kansas City need expert, compassionate care for their most fragile little ones, they turn to Kansas City Hospice & Palliative Care.

We are proud to partner with the Vincent A. Stonestreet Family to bring joy to children and families receiving pediatric hospice services. Together, we help kids to still be kids. Donations to the Vincent A. Stonestreet Fund help ensure children’s wishes are met, their milestones are celebrated, and memories are made.

Providing compassionate and dignified care for those without resources

Kansas City Hospice & Palliative Care ensures individuals in the Kansas City area who are living in or at risk of poverty have access to these essential healthcare services, ensuring no one is turned away because they do not have resources to pay. Many patients are faced with the troubling decision to risk complicating their health conditions by going without care or are forced to enter institutional care at a far greater cost. We serve many who are homebound, have limited to no income, little social support and/or face difficulty meeting their basic needs.

While hospice is a defined benefit under Medicare guidelines, many individuals served by Kansas City Hospice do not yet qualify for Medicare, some private insurers do not cover hospice or palliative care, and some individuals do not have coverage at all. Your support offers access to care for the most high-risk community members – including children, teens, and young adults with life-threatening medical conditions, as well as older adults of all ages. Together, we can ensure the healthcare needs of underserved and marginalized communities are met with high-quality, effective, inclusive and accessible services.

Donations provide hospice and home health care services to a growing number of children, adults and families whose battles with serious and life-threatening health conditions are complicated by economic instability, lack of access to healthcare, and other social determinants of health.

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