Sustaining Angel shines a bright light for others

shining a bright light for othersSustaining Angel shining a bright light for others

Words almost never have one single meaning. Sustain, for example, can mean “to support something” or “to endure a trial or hardship.” In the context of Kansas City Hospice, sustain means both.

Anita Shearman’s story of emerging from tragedy with love and support exemplifies this melded meaning. “When my dear husband felt bad one day, I suggested he should make an appointment to see his doctor,” Anita shares. “We went to the emergency room instead.”

Even upon his almost immediate transfer to intensive care, the couple was unaware of the severity of Dan’s condition. The fact that Dan had recently been laid off, added to their concern. They were left without health insurance.

Devastating news

Three days later Dan’s doctors delivered the devastating news that he had lost liver and kidney function, and recommended hospice. Dan and Anita chose Kansas City Hospice House™, where they knew he would receive the expert care he needed to live his final days pain free, with comfort and dignity. It was there that Dan was able to reflect and enjoy time with his family, say goodbye to a lifetime of friendships, and even spend time with his pet terrier, Billy.

“The impact of reality after such a loss is indescribable,” shares Anita. “The weeks and months after Dan’s death were consumed by paperwork. Bills and more bills appeared in my mailbox. And the bill for his care at Kansas City Hospice? I owed nothing. Zero. I was so stunned, I cried.”

Kansas City Hospice offered Anita grief counseling and options for emotional support after her husband’s death. “Months after Dan’s death Kansas City Hospice was still trying to help me,” she explains. “I knew I had to help them in some way.”

Anita decided to honor her husband’s memory by becoming a Sustaining Angel. “I chose $57 per month because my husband was 57 years old when he passed. Kansas City Hospice was a bright light for me and my family during a dark and difficult time in our lives. I want to help keep that bright light shining for as many people as I can.”

Become a Sustaining Angel

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About Us

The mission of Kansas City Hospice & Palliative Care is to bring expert care, peace of mind, comfort, guidance, and hope to people who are affected by life-limiting illness or by grief. Our vision is that each person in our community is valued from life through death and each family is supported in their grief.

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