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by Tuesday Mallonee – Someone who loves to quilt!

What do you think of when you hear the word “quilt?” Your thoughts could rush immediately to a beautiful handcrafted piece of art that perhaps a family member spent literally hundreds of hours making. The thought of that quilt may bring a smile to your face as you think of the many special qualities of the person you know who so thoroughly enjoys the hobby of quilting. Or maybe you think of the warm and cozy feeling you enjoy just cuddling up on a cold morning underneath a special quilt!

In talking with various recipients of quilts that were lovingly made and given to someone from a family member, I’ve heard so many stories they’ve shared with fondness of how the quilt was comprised of scraps of fabric from dresses or other pieces of clothing they remember wearing as a child. I’ve also heard stories of how they can remember spending time with their grandma while she was quilting when they were just a small child. Such memories usually bring them so much pleasure as they are recalled. As a quilter myself, hearing those stories always brings delight to my heart, knowing that one day my family members may be sharing these same types of wonderful memories!

Quilters as a group generally have really big hearts and love to make quilts to donate to charity! NorthCare Hospice is pleased and very fortunate to be the recipient of many such donated quilts. We accept quilts to place on the bed of every guest that enters our Hospice House, located on the campus of North Kansas City Hospital. This is a personal touch that not only makes the rooms a little bit more homelike, but also provides warmth and hopefully evokes a sense of security, knowing that someone has put so much love into making it! These beautiful handcrafted quilts are given to guests and family members as a gift, something they can take home with them when they leave.

In 2012 NorthCare also implemented our “We Honor Veterans” program.  An important part of this program is the presentation of fabulous patriotic themed quilts as a way of saying one last “thank you” to people who have honorably sacrificed for our country as military veterans. Each veteran patient is presented with a quilt in a small ceremony with family present.

Sometimes these ceremonies are done at the person’s bedside. The quilt is then presented along with a card that is read aloud, honoring their service on our behalf. These have become very special moments for many of our veterans. They seem to appreciate this gesture so much! This would not be possible without the many wonderful and generous quilters who have spent so many hours handcrafting these awesome patriotic themed quilts!

When a quilter decides to make a quilt the mind starts to think of the design and the material that could be used. Once those creative juices start flowing much of the time that is spent working on the quilt is also spent with thoughts of who will receive that quilt.  I have to say that when that last stitch is put on the quilt and it is given away, it brings a lot of joy knowing that it will bring a smile or a little bit of joy to the recipient of that quilt!

As someone who loves to quilt and who has donated quilts to people here at NorthCare through these programs, I can say from experience that  there is nothing better than having a Chaplin, Social Worker or Nurse come and tell me a story about how people light up when they were presented with a quilt!

After working on a quilt from the planning stage through to the very last stitch, each quilt becomes like a very familiar old friend.  Giving that old friend away brings a lot of warmth and comfort to the one who made it with that very purpose in mind, knowing that in some small way or another it will also enrich the life of the one who receives it!


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  1. Frances Vinyard on October 19, 2019 at 10:29 am

    Do you or do you know of an organization that would accept a large donation of “off-the-bolt” cotton and flannel? I was left a big stash after a friends passing. I donated the first car-FULL to the Linus a Project. Appreciate your help with a friends final wishes.

    • Wanda Kelsey-Mendez on October 19, 2019 at 12:53 pm

      Yes, we do accept donations of sewing, quilting and craft materials. We have a number of volunteer projects and your donation will go to good use. You may drop off at our main office at 1500 Meadowlake Parkway, 2nd floor, KCMO 64114. Or, drop off at Kansas City Hospice House at 12000 Wornall, KCMO 64145.

  2. Jamea kline on January 15, 2021 at 10:40 am

    My parents a both passed away this year and my mom belonged to Abilene Quit quilts. I live in Kansas City and would like to donate to hospice quilts. I do not know what I would of done without the support of hospice. My thanks them every day. Please have someone contact me to see what items can be donated. My mom collected quilts and has around 70-80 finished quilts.Some dating back to 1909. Please advice me on ideas of what to do with the fabric, beads, lace, ect. I would really appreciate being able to give support.

    • Wanda Kelsey-Mendez on January 19, 2021 at 9:47 am

      Someone will be in touch. We always have use for quilt fabric and sewing supplies! Our volunteers make quilts for patients and several projects for We Honor Veterans. We accept fabric, notions, sewing supplies and any other craft materials. We also need crafting supplies for Carousel Pediatric Care and our two grief camps for kids! Call 913.363.2600 and ask for the Volunteer Department!

  3. Frances Vinyard on July 15, 2021 at 12:25 pm

    I have several more containers of nice material bought for quilting. Is there a better day or time to deliver to the Wornall location for your quilting group?

    • Bethany VonSeggern on August 23, 2021 at 2:39 pm

      Frances, thank you for thinking of us. We will have someone from our volunteer program reach out to you regarding your question. Thank you.

  4. Vanessa on July 24, 2023 at 10:01 pm

    I have many tubs of quilting fabric in new condition. Wondering if you could use them
    Vanessa Eisermann

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